Matt and Jami - Chapter 7

Due to the housing economy, in 2013 Matt and I had to file bankruptcy on our construction business. It was recommended to us that we go to Rayman & Knight. We had no real experience with lawyers and had some preconceived ideas of what to expect. It was a relief when we met with Cody Knight and found those ideas to be wrong. We expected to be rushed in, fill out some paperwork, pay a lot of money and rushed out with hardly hearing back. It was not like that at all. From the time we first met with Cody he gave a sense of calm, like he had time for us and we could take time to ask questions and talk. He sincerely wanted us to understand and I believe he cared. After we would leave meetings, if we had any questions, I could email him or his staff and within a day I would hear back from them. Cody and his staff always kept in contact with us through the whole bankruptcy. When we had both of our court appointments Cody was on time, even early, to sit with us while we waited to be called; again, his calm presence made us feel calm. When we think of all of the times we met with him, the phones calls, all the emails, along with court dates, his fee was more than fair. Cody was a huge blessing during one the hardest period of our lives and we thank him for it.

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