Rayman Family Recipes

Those of you who know Steve know that he fancies himself an amateur chef (although there were doubts the first 50 times he did barbeque ribs for the family. . .). Anyways, Steve does tinker in the kitchen (which gets him out of other household duties). His wife, Judy, was raised in the country and does everything from scratch, using both the best family recipes and the best ingredients. When Judy was growing up, if Judy’s dad ever came home with sweet corn that wasn’t picked that day from Ted Hanson’s farm, it wasn’t any good. . .

Anyways, Steve and Judy get asked for recipes after entertaining and in 2020 Steve is going to post some of the family favorites.


While Judy and Steve were dating, Judy wound up in Cincinnati and Steve and Judy frequented Skyline Chili, a chili parlor in Cincinnati. “Cincinnati Chili” is a dish that is native to Cincinnati – it’s a pile of noodles underneath a pile of m… Read More
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